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  • PZFlex was originally developed to model ultrasonic probes but it has proven a popular choice for creative engineers everywhere. Designed by engineers with advanced degrees in acoustics and more than 30 years of modeling experience, it can be used to simulate any product: commercial, esoteric, fully developed, or only in the dream stage.

    Whether you are new to virtual prototyping using FEA or an old hand, we invite you to find out more about PZFlex and join the community of dedicated professionals who use it.


    "PZFlex offers insight into complex coupled electrical-mechanical-acoustic problems, which reduces the research and development timeframe for piezoelectric based devices."

    Jay Bennett, Director of Transducer Technology, Ultreo, Inc.

    "The speed and versatility of PZFlex for piezoelectric device modeling is astounding."

    David J Powell, PhD, Project Manager, Sparton Electronics

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